New Voicemail Setup

The new phone service requires that you dial *98 (NOT *97) in order to enter the set-up or access.

Check your "SCC Voice - User Guide" for complete information.

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Southern Coastal Cable is your only locally owned and operated Cable TV company offering you all of the best of your favorite programs & networks along with local Georgetown weather and information, all backed up with great customer service and response time.



  Standard Digital $54.95
  DTA $2.50**each
  DVR $26.95**each
  Satellite Box $15.50**each


Premium Channels***
  HBO $14.50
  Cinemax $10.95
  Starz/Encore $12.50
  Showtime/TMC $12.50


  Residential Phone $34.95
  Business Phone Rates vary, call for quote.


Internet Rates & Packages
  EXPRESS SPEED 5mbps/1mbps $24.95
  HIGH SPEED 15mbps/1mbps $39.95
  WARP SPEED 20mbps/2mbps $49.95
  EXTREME SPEED 30mbps/3mbps $59.95
  ULTIMATE SPEED 50mbps/5mbps $69.95

Business Internet Rates
* Includes; static IP, Basic Networking support.
  BUSINESS 20mbps/5mbps $49.95*
  BUSINESS ADVANTAGE 30mbps/7mbps $89.95*
  Business Ultimate 50mbps/10mbps $99.95*
  Domain/web hosting and email available for all business packages    

Pricing excludes applicable franchise fees & taxes.
Prices subject to change.
Not all services available in all areas.
Commercial rates may vary.

Cable modems & other access devices are
Provisioned at Advertised speeds.
Actual speeds may vary.
Customer premise equpment, Cable network & Internet conditions may affect speed.

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